The Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs (MPPGA) is a full-time, in-person degree program offered exclusively on UBC’s Vancouver campus.

In Year One, core classes focus on building fundamental policy skills with broad applicability. In Year Two, you tailor your learning to your area of interest with electives in one of three streams:

MPPGA professors draw on a range of learning methods from multiple disciplines, including lectures, seminars, case studies, field-based experiences and professional skills workshops. Expect to engage in simulations, take part in team problem-solving exercises, and interact directly with policy makers, clients and stakeholders.

Sample course schedule*

** You must declare your stream choice when you apply.
* Program curriculum and courses are subject to change. Some courses may be not offered by the MPPGA Program at any given time.

All classes are required. Each course is 12 weeks in length and worth 3 credits.

TERM ONE (September to December) TERM TWO (January to April)
GPP 501: Microeconomic Analysis for Public Policy GPP 502: International Macroeconomics
GPP 503: Measurement and Data Analysis for Policy GPP 504: Policy Analysis and Evaluation
GPP 506: Public Management GPP 505: Domestic and Global Policy Process
GPP 509: Communicating Policy GPP 507: Environmental Law and Policy Frameworks OR GPP 508: Philosophical and Ethical Foundations for Public Policy

Each elective course is 6 or 12 weeks in length and worth 3 credits.

TERM ONE (September to December) TERM TWO (January to April)
3 electives from your chosen stream** 1 elective from your chosen stream**+1 elective from outside the MPPGA program (subject to approval)

Global Policy Project

In place of a thesis, you will participate in a Global Policy Project (GPP 590), also known as  GP2. This is your chance to apply your creative thinking and strategic design skills in the field and develop innovative policy solutions for a real-world client. Learn more about GPon our Policy in Practice page.

Graduation requirements

To earn the MPPGA degree, you must successfully complete:

  • Eight core courses totalling 24 credits
  • Five elective courses totalling 15 credits
  • A Global Policy Project worth 6 credits

You should allow 20 months to complete the program.