Program Benefits

The UBC Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs (MPPGA) program is a highly challenging and rewarding applied graduate program that provides a path for high-performing professionals to enhance their careers or transition into senior management roles in international institutions, companies, non-governmental organizations and various levels of government in all parts of the world.

MPPGA students gain a broad skill set that combines data analysis with policy tools, economic understanding, communication skills, creativity, and a global mindset. Students learn, both in the classroom and beyond, how to assess alternatives and evaluate options in complex policy scenarios, collaborate effectively with diverse stakeholders, and lead cross-functional teams.

The MPPGA program is distinctive as it leverages UBC’s multi-disciplinary strengths in sustainability, economic and social development, along with its faculty and program resources concerning Asia.

Students apply their policy knowledge and gain new skills during their first summer in the UBC Arts Co-op Program and other work placements, as well as during their Global Policy Project (GP2), which provides opportunities for student teams to work with a client to address a real-world policy problem. Students previously visited India, Indonesia, Timor-Leste, and First Nations communities in Canada and our current students recently returned from GP2 field experiences in Ghana, Ethiopia, Nepal, India, and Peru.

Learn about the unique benefits of the MPPGA degree program in our video below:

New skills

You will learn how to:

  • Apply multidisciplinary policy analysis and creative design skills to create, implement and evaluate public policy
  • Articulate ethical guidelines to guide policy analysis in a way that acknowledges and respects cultural differences
  • Assess alternatives and evaluate options in complex policy scenarios
  • Develop effective communications at all levels of an organization
  • Prioritize and rationalize resource allocation for innovative policy initiatives
  • Collaborate with clients and stakeholders effectively in a policy studio and in situ—whether that’s a boardroom, a government office or the field
  • Lead cross-functional teams in implementing boundary-crossing solutions

New knowledge

You will come away with:

  • Unique insights into Asia Pacific policy issues and interactions between emerging Asia and developed countries
  • A deeper understanding of policy challenges and solutions as they relate to sustainability, resources and energy
  • A broad perspective of global development and social change
  • Proficiency in global governance and security issues
  • The ability to navigate domestic and global policy settings and interactions between the two

New career possibilities

The leadership skills you cultivate in the MPPGA program will help you succeed as a change maker in your organization and open up new career opportunities. Graduates will go on to:

  • Address complex challenges and drive positive global change as policy or market analysts, senior policy officers and foreign policy strategists
  • Advance sustainability as renewable energy specialists in corporations and sustainability advisors in government
  • Lead policy development and stakeholder engagement as directors of corporate policy
  • Change how policy solutions are designed and communicated as directors of communication