GPP 591A: Designed Leadership for Change Course

Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs Program

GPP 591A:  “Designed Leadership for Change”
Meeting times: Monday 2pm-5pm 

Moura Quayle (Director, pro tem, School of Public Policy and Global Affairs: Main Instructor

Michelle Osry (Partner, Canadian Practice Leader, Family Enterprise Consulting, Deloitte Vancouver): Co-Instructor

Six Sessions:  1.5 credits

An interactive, exploratory learning experience focused specifically on an enquiry into the elements of designed leadership for professionals operating in challenging and dynamic work environments. Students will develop their skills and capacities to listen, communicate and solve problems for positive change. Designed Leadership for Change will provide a theory-practice bridge re: designed leadership principles and processes as well as charting a personal growth journey. The course will entail six three-hour studio sessions, including guest leaders and studio practice activities.

Enrollment: Graduate Students with instructor approval (or advanced undergraduates with instructor approval and completed G+PS form).

If you would like to register in this course, please contact the professor, Professor Moura Quayle ( to indicate your interest in the course and copy MPPGA Program Coordinator, Alex Brzezinski ( who will assist with registration after professor approval.