Founding Partners

Jointly developed by the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Science, the Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs (MPPGA) program draws on the unique interdisciplinary expertise of the Liu Institute for Global Issues, the Institute of Asian Research, and the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability. The MPPGA program now has its home in the UBC School of Public Policy and Global Affairs (SPPGA).

Liu Institute for Global Issues

Founded in 1998 and opened in 2000, the Liu Institute for Global Issues (Liu Institute) is a research hub for emerging issues that strives to catalyze innovative thinking and positive change. The Liu Institute’s interdisciplinary approach to problem solving considers economic, social and environmental interactions and encourages actions and policies that advance sustainability, security and social justice.

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Institute of Asian Research

Founded in 1979, the Institute of Asian Research (IAR) has evolved into a hub for Asian policy and current affairs. Through a combination of research, teaching, network building, community interaction and policy engagement, the IAR seeks to build knowledge and foster effective policy responses to a wide range of domestic, regional and global challenges centred on Asia.

A precursor to the MPPGA program, the IAR’s Master of Arts in Asia Pacific Policy Studies (MAAPPS) was a boutique interdisciplinary program that used social scientific analysis and problem-driven research to examine policy challenges in the Asia Pacific region.

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Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability

Established in 2002, the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability (IRES) is an interdisciplinary research institute and graduate program with interest and expertise in the environment and sustainability. Collaborative and curiosity-driven, the IRES aims to foster sustainable futures by studying the linkages among human and natural systems and to support sound decision making both locally and globally.

The IRES offers interdisciplinary graduate studies through The Resources, Environment and Sustainability (RES) graduate program program at both Master (MSc and MA) and PhD levels.

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