2018 Students

UBC’s fourth Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs cohort represents a diverse range of degree backgrounds, ambitions, origins, and professional experiences.

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Learn more about them in their student profiles below:

Somi Ajagu-Amamgbo

Somi recently graduated from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Arts Honors in Global Development Studies. She was born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. She moved for the first time at three years old and since then has had the privilege of living and studying in the U.S.A., Canada and the United Kingdom. Somi’s undergraduate degree was broad in nature; she learned about many factors of development and hopes to build upon her knowledge with this Master of Public Policy & Global Affairs program. She is specifically keen to learn more about the policy oriented barriers to implementing more renewable energy sources worldwide. In addition, one of her aspirations is to work as an advocate for policy changes that will better the lives of people in developing nations and to mitigate their need to search for greener pastures.

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Zeynya Alemayehu

Zeynya has worked for the last five years as a research and program officer at the African Peace and Security Programme, a joint program of the African Union and the Institute for Peace and Security Studies, Addis Ababa University. Prior to that, she worked as a Legal Assistant for two years. She has a LLB degree from Bahir Dar University and a Master’s degree in Peace and Security Studies from Addis Ababa University. Her area of interest lies in African and global governance and security issues. Through the MPPGA program, she intends to acquire policy analysis knowledge and skills on issues related to security and governance.

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Hadir Ali

Hadir was born in Egypt and moved to Canada at a young age. She graduated from Simon Fraser University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. She speaks Arabic fluently and believes that the biggest impact on her policy interests has been her travels. Her consistent travels to and from Egypt has positively contributed to her exposure and understanding of policy and governance. Specifically, the comparison between Canada and Egypt, and their vast differences, has led to her strong interest in public policy. Her work background varies greatly from teaching English in Egypt to working as a credit counsellor at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Her academic interests lie in the Refugee Crisis and conflict resolution. Her ultimate goal is to use the MPPGA program to develop a career in policy and international affairs within the context of security and human rights.

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Solomon Atta

Solomon was born and grew up in Ghana and graduated from the University of Ghana in 2011 with a Bachelor degree in Political Science and Sociology. In 2013, he started a career with the Local Government Service of Ghana as a Budget Analyst at the Ejura-Sekyedumase Municipal Assembly. For five years, Solomon played a significant role in improving the lives of rural folk through prudent revenue and expenditure management, as well as designing and implementing programs of the annual budget geared toward poverty alleviation and socioeconomic development for the Municipality. Currently, Solomon is looking forward to taking full advantage of the MPPGA program to shape his career path for global change as a policy analyst, with special interest in the nexus between decentralization and socioeconomic development.

Eliza Bethune

Eliza completed a double major in Environment, Sustainability, & Society and International Development at Dalhousie University where she graduated on the Dean’s List. During her time at Dalhousie, she worked on a yearlong team project that developed a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy for a company called Trade Centre Limited. After graduating from Dalhousie, Eliza worked at the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit under the vector-borne disease program. This program taught her about the interconnections between public health policy and environmental issues facing both local and global populations. Eliza is currently enrolled in the Resources, Energy, and Sustainability stream of the MPPGA program. After the MPPGA program, Eliza hopes to pursue a career that improves current water policy practices in Canada as she is interested in finding economic solutions for protecting, conserving, and managing freshwater resources across the country.

Claire Casher

Claire completed a BAH in Political Studies at Queen’s University, while also working as a Commissioner in the Alma Mater Society. After graduating she joined the Sunnybrook Foundation in Toronto as a Communications Associate. In search of international experience, Claire moved to South Korea to work in education and volunteer with North Korean refugees. Next, she was hired as the Communications Director of a hospitality social enterprise in Southeast Asia. She managed community-based development programs in Cambodia, Thailand, and the Philippines and oversaw all of the company’s marketing and communications. Claire sees public policy as the means to apply what she has learned in her career thus far on a broader scale. She is interested in social development programs and has joined the MPPGA to build concrete skills that will help her to contribute to positive changes in the field.

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Melisha Charles

Melisha is a 24-year-old law graduate from India who believes that certain problems that a country like India faces can be tackled only by a systematic change in existing policies. She has previously interned in Indian think tanks and policy firms, where her research ranged from liability for nuclear damages to laws and policies regulating opium cultivation. She has also published a number of papers on Indian Constitutional Law. Melisha, through the MPPGA program, hopes to develop her analytical abilities and gain a broader perspective on contemporary policy, especially with regard to developing countries. She looks forward to furthering her research on policy problems that plague South Asia and ultimately, work on policy reform in the region.

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Samantha Coronel

Born and raised outside of Washington, D.C., Samantha completed her B.A. from McGill University with a major in International Development Studies and a double minor in French Language and Marketing. Samantha was actively involved at McGill, where she worked as a campus tour guide and held executive positions in various clubs such as Borderless World Volunteers and the Moot Court Team. Her interest in development and policy inspired her various work and volunteer positions. She has volunteered internationally with NGOs in Senegal and Uganda and has interned at IntraHealth International, where she co-authored a research report on Strengthening Pre-Service Education in Nigeria. Samantha hopes to work in the private sector, with a focus on either corporate social responsibility or public-private partnerships. She is excited to continue her education with the MPPGA program and looks forward to gaining the skills necessary to create viable policies for a better future.

Citali Cruz Cruz

Citlali started her career as a competition lawyer in a private law firm where she defended economic cartels and international mergers. Interested in the benefits of competition policy to consumers, she transitioned to the Mexican Competition Agency. As part of the advocacy team, she improved public procurement processes by training public servants to design competitive bidding processes and drafting legislative recommendations to improve government procurement laws. Additionally, Citlali co-authored different policy materials for consumers, private and public entities, such as “Rethinking Competition in the Digital Economy.” This was the first Latin American document that identified the challenges that competition authorities and private companies face as e-commerce becomes a more prevalent part of the economy. Citlali’s experience as a public servant led her to join the MPPGA program where she expects to gain the necessary skills to design and implement economic policies that will reduce inequality and attract investment in developing countries.

Schyler Edmundson

Senior Vice President, 2018/19 MPPGA Student Association 

Having grown up in British Columbia, Schyler’s interests are in economic sustainability and environmental conservation. Prior to the MPPGA program, she graduated from UBC with an honours degree in English Literature and has since been actively involved in various fields of communications. She has extensive experience working for Vancouver based investment firms who focus on technology development. Over the years, she has collaborated with several non-for-profit foundations and has consistently participated in TED since 2016. Schyler values informing policy through evidence and research. Her goal for pursuing education in Public Policy and Global Affairs is to participate in Canadian and international policy-making processes to correct environmental injustices and unsustainable agricultural policies and reinforce the use of renewable energy resources. Hoping to support the next generation of global change makers, Schyler is in the process of starting a non-profit foundation which will help students alleviate their education debt.

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Anam Imtiaz Elahi

A Pakistani-Canadian, split between the two countries, Anam graduated from McGill University in 2012 with a Major in Economics and a Minor in Mathematics and Finance. She holds more than 5 years of work experience, where she has assumed management roles in Microfinance Institutes, SME Financing and an advocate for Access to Finance, holding her last position with a USAID funded project as an SME Finance Specialist. She is passionate about working on projects and assignments which bring Economics, Finance and Policy Development together; strongly supporting and working for assignments in education finance, financial literacy, sustainable energy solutions, and social development. Through the MPPGA Program, Anam wishes to gain professional insight and develop deeper understanding on areas of policy design, problem solving and implementation of strategies. She believes that efficacy of policies, financial inclusion and better educational opportunities are the key catalysts of economic change for developing economies.

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Emily Enright

Emily completed her B.A., Majoring in Global Development and Minoring in Political Science at Western University Ontario. In pursuit of expanding her academic career in global development, she completed a post-graduate diploma program in Not-For-Profit Management at Continuing Western Studies. Her academic research focuses on foreign policy, international relations, human security and global governance. During her undergraduate studies, she focused specifically on international land grabbing under the context of human rights. Upon her recent internship with the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies, she expanded her human rights interests to terrorism and global security. In addition, she continues to expand her education by pursuing French as a second language and learning economics. Emily aspires to work at the international level, helping organizations and governments to adequately address the needs and concerns related to human security and global governance.

Tamara Friedman

Tamara’s interest in Public Policy and Global Affairs stems from her academic where she studied at the University of Victoria (UVic) in Anthropology and Psychology. In between her studies she volunteered in the Middle East with NGOs aimed at the resettlement of refugees. Her primary interest is in migration in the Middle East for Eritrean and Sudanese refugees in Israel. She aspires to develop her skills in negotiation, public policy reform, peacebuilding, post-conflict reconstruction, global and national security and mediation. In Vancouver, she has worked in transition homes, soup kitchens, and clothing and food drives at the Downtown East-Side community. During her undergrad, Tamara served as the vice president for Amnesty international at UVIC and as a board member for the (UVIC) Equity and Human Rights Council. She is fluent in English and Hebrew and is working on her Arabic. After graduating from UBC’s MPPGA program, she plans to obtain a second Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution and Mediation. She wants to work alongside grassroots movements in the Middle East who are fighting for immigration policy reform.

Hannah Geiser

Hannah graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with an Honours BA in Global Studies and Legal Studies. Her interest in international relations, security and law inspired her to begin working for the Canadian Border Services Agency in Toronto. Her training and work with CBSA gave her first-hand experience with the implementation of international relations and security policy. In 2016, she travelled to Naples to work with a local NGO. There, she assisted with Italian-English translations, the design and creation of organization materials, and the provision of various services to new immigrants and members of the local homeless community. After her work both at home and abroad, Hannah joined the MPPGA program with hopes to pursue a career in government consulting and public relations. She aims to develop her professional skills in areas such as strategic communication and policy design while simultaneously studying topics that she is passionate about within the Global Governance and Security stream of the MPPGA program.

Cassandra Jeffery

Equipped with managerial experience and a background in journalism, Cassandra has a diverse skill set that she would like to apply to some of the world’s most pressing issues: ethical trade, migration policy development, and resource management. Cassandra has a BA in Communications and English Literature from McMaster University, and she has completed Master level courses in racial politics and sexuality at Universitaet Mannheim in Germany. During her stint as a reporter, Cassandra focused her interests on Indigenous affairs in British Columbia, particularly in regards to land claims and environmental degradation. Moving to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Cassandra landed a job in marketing. Through travelling much of South East Asia, she became acutely aware of a variety of socio-economic challenges that impact sustainable growth in much of the developing world. Prior to MPPGA, Cassandra worked as the Marketing Manager for a blockchain-based tech company in downtown Vancouver. Environmental sustainability and global governance are two areas Cassandra would like to pursue throughout MPPGA.

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Hafsa Khan

Born in the bustling city of Karachi, Hafsa immigrated to British Columbia in 2001 at the age of seven. In 2011, her academic interests led her to attend Simon Fraser University where she pursued a joint degree in Anthropology and Sociology and gained knowledge in both research methodology as well as human and societal behaviour. She also spent several years working as a Summer School Program coordinator and a grant writer at the Muslim Food Bank and Community Services Society (MFBCS), a not-for-profit organization which provides food and relevant services to its clients across the Lower Mainland. This provided her with an opportunity to work closely with refugees and gain practical knowledge of the strengths and limitations of immigrant and refugee policy. By attending the MPPGA program, she hopes to expand upon her knowledge and gain relevant skills in the arena of policy making.

Shivangi Khanna

Born and raised in India, Shivangi finished her Bachelor’s in Economics from Christ University, Bangalore which further led her to pursue a graduate diploma in Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She speaks Hindi and English fluently. While pursuing her undergrad, she started working as a fundraiser for NGOs which work for vulnerable children in shelter homes. Their motive became her drive to work for children and women who have suppressed voices in a country like hers. Realising everything stems from how the government of a country works, Shivangi strove to better understand the global policy issues surrounding human rights and how we can empower the people of tomorrow. She wants to tackle the complex power structures of poverty, politics and well being. Her aim is to become equipped by the MPPGA program to address social issues in her country by designing policies based upon critical thinking.

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Dinoba Kirupa

As a political activist and community organizer, Dinoba’s dive into public policy was a natural step in her professional career. Her interest in politics originated from political upheaval which forced Dinoba and her family to flee their home in Sri Lanka. After earning a degree in Political Science at the University of Toronto, Dinoba immersed herself in the political landscape. She has played key roles in educating constituents on policy issues during elections in Ontario. Her passion for addressing gender and racial inequity influenced her work with Women in Toronto Politics, where she helped amplify the voices of women in the political realm. Through public speaking engagements and grant proposals, Dinoba has helped secure large funds from institutions and networks, such as Osgoode Law School and Rotary International. It was during her time implementing development work in rural Sri Lanka with the Canadian Tamils Humanitarian Association that she decided she would pursue a graduate degree in public policy. Dinoba looks forward to effecting social change through a combination of top-down, policy driven approaches complemented by her grassroots experiences.

Sanmini Koffi

Sanmini is a recent graduate with a background in political science from Concordia University. She is fluent in French, English, Guro (tribal African language) and is currently improving her Spanish. Her enthusiasm for global affairs motivated her to pursue internships at the United Nations in New York and at the National Treasury of Cote d’Ivoire during her BA. She also worked as Outreach Program Coordinator at PILS (Prevention Information contre le Sida) where she designed and implemented strategies to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS in Port Louis, Mauritius. Her experiences turned her interest in international affairs into a passion for global policy issues. After graduation, she worked as a research assistant to gain insight into the world of policy. Sanmini continues this journey through the MPPGA program. Ultimately, she hopes to deepen her understanding of policy in order to contribute to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Chengkun Lv

Vice President of Finance, 2018/19 MPPGA Student Association

Chengkun studied history at UBC before coming to MPPGA. He focussed on studying the interaction between China and the West, with particular attention to the 18th century and today’s South China Sea. Born and raised in a province economically driven by coal and steel production in China, Chengkun has a natural interest in energy security and economic transformation. He started to pursue such interests by undertaking an internship at PetroChina Planning & Engineering Institia as an analyst of the natural gas market, thus working with the Long-range-Energy-Alternatives-Planning System (LEAP). Chengkun is also very interested in China’s social and economic development, such as the aging population, the stock market and housing prices. He seeks to take full advantage of his experience at MPPGA to explore the interaction between China’s development in the security, energy, social and economic areas, and what that might tell us.

Alexandra Martin

Alexandra is from Edmonton, Alberta. She graduated in 2018 from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Political Science and a certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies from the Peter Lougheed Leadership College. During this time, Alexandra went on to complete a thesis under the supervision of Dr. Roger Epp titled, “Jack of All Trades: How Alibaba’s Jack Ma could be China’s premier soft power resource.” As a part of her studies, Alexandra completed a practicum as a policy analyst intern with the Oil Sands Community Alliance, and went abroad to study Mandarin at the Harbin Institute of Technology in Harbin, China. Her areas of academic interest include Chinese foreign investment, Chinese markets for Canadian small and medium-sized business, and e-commerce.

Denby McDonnell

Denby graduated from Queen’s University with a BSc(Hon) in Environmental Biology. She completed an interdisciplinary undergraduate thesis that assessed the comparative toxicity of two diluted bitumens to fish through gene expression analysis. During this project, she developed a passion for communicating science and she hopes to contribute to evolving dialogue between scientists and policy makers. As a biologist and environmental coordinator for an engineering company that develops small hydroelectric projects, Denby gained an understanding of crown land permitting, water licencing, and environmental assessment processes in BC and Canada. Her largest learning experiences have been during consultation and collaboration with Indigenous groups whose traditional territories are affected by resource development projects. These experiences have rooted her interests in sustainable environmental and energy policy. Denby aims to use her environmental background to contribute to policy development that balances stakeholder values and enhances underrepresented voices, building sustainable and equitable societies.

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Israa Noureddine

Vice President of Professional Development, 2018/19 MPPGA Student Association

Born and raised in Vancouver, Israa graduated from the American University of Beirut with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. It is within her undergraduate degree that she was given the opportunity to work with NGOs as part of her program, such as Kayany. She led psycho-social workshops for refugee teachers and visited the refugee sites. She also had the opportunity to partake in the Hague’s inter-university year long program which introduced her to the international court of justice, special tribunals, and the decision-making process regarding international human rights violations. This heightened her interest in social justice and was a gateway for her to probe her interests in public policy and global affairs. Leading her to initiate workshops on immigrant rights and difficulties around the world within MOSAIC’s Youthlabz program. Israa is fluent in both English and Arabic. She has high hopes for this program and knows being part of the MPPGA 2018 cohort will pave her way to her future interests and endeavours.

Eseohe Ojo

Eseohe completed her Bachelor’s in International Relations at Lead City University, Nigeria. Her personal and professional interest in human rights led her to work at Media Rights Agenda, a non-profit in Lagos; first as a Communications Officer before being promoted to Programme Manager, Digital Rights. These positions involved working on online and offline communications, research and publications, advocacy, public enlightenment, training and capacity building. Her interests include freedom of expression, access to information, women’s rights, digital rights, sexual and reproductive health and rights, civic engagement, transparency and good governance. Eseohe believes the MPPGA program will provide knowledge and deeper understanding of the issues, strategies and approaches to influencing public policy thereby enhancing her ability to contribute to progressive projects and policies. Her goal is to play a leading role in the development sector, influencing public policy at regional, national and international levels.

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Heather Park

Heather was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. She completed her B.A. (Hons) in Political Studies at Queen’s University. Her academic interests include human security relating to natural resource extraction in developing countries, and the impact of endemic cycles of violence on democratization (particularly in Latin American states). In her final year of undergraduate study, she thoroughly researched natural resource extraction in African conflict states, and failed efforts of liberal institutionalism to promote human security in those states. After undergraduate study, Heather spent five months extensively backpacking through Southeast Asia. While in Southern Thailand and Indonesia, she discovered a passion for scuba diving, which led her to develop a strong interest in environmental sustainability policy and international water governance.

Andrés Peñaloza

Vice President of Internal Affairs, 2018/19 MPPGA Student Association

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Andrés completed his undergraduate degree in Urban Planning in 2013 while engaging with different organizations and NGOs for the restoration of democracy in his home country. He also holds an international certificate in Project Management and has experience designing tools for multi-criteria analysis for decision-making processes. Prior to enrolling in the MPPGA program, he worked for over four years in local governments coordinating zoning and development projects, as well as working with stakeholders to settle agreements for private investment in benefit of the city. He is currently interested in building platforms for public-private partnerships, aiming to promote social and economic development in post-conflict scenarios from a multi-level government perspective. Nevertheless, one of his main goals as an MPPGA student is to be able to raise awareness among current and future global policymakers over the Venezuelan case.

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Alessia Rodriguez Di Eugenio

Vice President of Social Affairs, 2018/19 MPPGA Student Association

Born and raised in Venezuela, Alessia completed a BA (Hons) in International Relations, Political Science, and Sociology at the University of Toronto. Alessia’s undergraduate interdisciplinary learning experience gave her a deep understanding of the myriad complexities of the world, sparking her interest in public policy and global affairs. Alessia volunteers at the Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture as an interpreter for Spanish-speaking asylum seekers. Her last work experience as a legal administrative assistant at a mid-size firm in Toronto introduced her into the fundamentals of debtor-creditor law and procedure. Alessia hopes to strengthen her understanding of international geopolitics, gain new skills in the design and implementation of public policy, and attempt to address the question of the exclusion of the developing South. Her goal is to contribute to the social and economic development of Venezuela and Latin America at large. Her passion for development stems from her philosophy that the best policies should seek to empower and integrate developing countries and their particularities as against exclusion and further dependency.

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Guilherme Rosales

Guilherme is a passionate, curious thinker, with many interests. In recent years his work and volunteer experience has shaped much of his focused interests in labour relations, community development and resiliency, and forestry and wildfire practices. Having primarily worked for municipal and provincial government for the past ten years, Guilherme eventually found himself being drawn to the BC Wildfire Service as a Wildland Firefighter. In this time, he also become an active union member and shop steward in the unions he has been a member of, the BCGEU and CUPE 15. He has also co-ordinated and organized neighbourhood block parties in the Oakridge area of Vancouver from 2012-2015. Most recently he became the interim Chairperson for his BCGEU Local 2004, has joined the Citr Radio Stations’ News Collective and is a Teaching Assistant for the UBC Department of Political Science with Vantage College.

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Chris Stoicheff

Chris Stoicheff’s professional background includes working in government, university administration, and government relations/lobbying. In government, Chris has worked as a special assistant to the Hon. Ralph Goodale; as a Ministerial Assistant to Saskatchewan’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General, and Saskatchewan’s Minister of Advanced Education, Employment, Labour, and Immigration. Chris interned with PDFrazer & Associates as a lobbyist/consultant in Washington, DC, and in that capacity volunteered for the 2012 Obama Presidential campaign in Virginia. As an intern, Chris worked with clients in the energy and pharmaceutical sector and proudly represented the National Network to End Domestic Violence to members of Congress. Chris earned his BA (2014) and MA (2017) from the University of Saskatchewan in political studies, and while doing so, was elected University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union (USSU) President. Chris recently worked as the Government Relations Specialist for the University of Saskatchewan, reporting directly to the President, and acting as the University’s official registered lobbyist. Chris wrote his MA thesis on “The Policy of Foreign Takeovers in Canada’s Non-Renewable Resource Sector.”

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Joshua Tafel

Joshua is a Vancouver local and a recent graduate from UBC’s Okanagan campus with a B.A. in Philosophy, Politics & Economics, with an emphasis in Economics. As well as taking several courses related to public policy such as International Trade and Global Political Economy, Joshua also had hands-on experience volunteering with political parties such as the BC Liberal Party. He is also passionate about mental health awareness and conducted his B.A. final research project on the role of supervised drug consumption sites in Canadian politics and society. The international opportunities Joshua experienced during his education (such as a six-week long Economics seminar in China, and a three-month exchange in Belgium) led him to become interested in global governance and democratic institutions. He hopes to use the skills he gains in the MPPGA program to improve global institutions and the way they serve the interests of people democratically.

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Nyoman Nikki Wirawan Sugitha

While working in the Directorate General of Fiscal Balance at The Indonesian Ministry of Finance, Nyoman underwent his undergraduate study and earned his Bachelor of Economics at The University of Indonesia. His job has given him a lot of exposure and insights into budget management of both central and local governments in Indonesia. Nyoman is passionate about decentralization issues, and is eager to contribute to addressing the issue of inequality and help his institution to create policies that can effectively optimize local governments’ revenue in order to balance development and boost the ability of local government to independently manage their budget. He is beyond thrilled to join the MPPGA 2018 cohort. He aims to sharpen his policy-making and analytical ability and is hoping that this program can assist him in dealing with problems regarding decentralization and how to communicate policies effectively to local governments in Indonesia.

Sean Wu

Vice President of Marketing and Communications, 2018/19 MPPGA Student Association 

Sean recently completed his BA in history and political science at UBC, where he focused most of his studies on the perceived decline of state sovereignty in international relations. As a result, he is particularly interested in the role of cybersecurity in global governance, since the cyberspace is not defined by territorial borders. Before joining the MPPGA program, Sean worked at a startup agency in Vancouver, where he helped local businesses develop digital marketing strategies. With his background in digital media creation, Sean is currently learning about how effective visual design can clarify policy issues to a general audience. At the MPPGA program, Sean’s primary goals are to improve his skills in policy communication and data visualization. In the future, he hopes to increase public engagement in global policy issues by presenting them in more interactive ways, as he believes that lasting policy changes can only happen when people are genuinely interested.

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Yi Yang

Born and raised in China, Yi obtained her Bachelor of Commerce (Service Management) degree at University of Victoria, Canada. Considering the recent air pollution crisis in China, India and other countries around the world, and the consistent challenges of climate change, unsustainable growth in resource use, and land loss of supporting ecosystems, Yi’s current academic and professional interests fall into the category of relationships between public policy and sustainability, and how the work of policy making influences decision-makers in positions of power to deliver policy and action consistent with a sustainable future. To do that, she expects to acquire a systematic training regarding policy process, comparative analysis, and policy implementations. Yi is looking forward to working in environmental NGOs or governmental agencies to promote strategic initiatives, which could encourage such innovations to accelerate the process to meet the sustainable development goals.

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Beatrice Zano

Beatrice attended Lupane State University in Zimbabwe where she attained her Bsc Honours degree in Development Studies. In the past four years, she has been involved in development work with Terre Des Hommes (TDH), Italia in the refugee support program (UNHCR, Zimbabwe), providing quality protection and assistance to refugees and asylum seekers mainly from the African Great Lakes region and the Horn of Africa. She is passionate about the empowerment of young girls and women, especially those who may have little to no access to resources. She aspires to become a change maker and intends to achieve this through influencing policy and practice in her areas of interest. It is in this light that she chose the MPPGA program at UBC as the program provides critical and creative thinking skills required to achieving her career objectives and goals.